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Fresh and Wet Pick-up + Delivery

Local pickup and same-day delivery

  • 5 minutes
  • $35 payout
  • Pick-up location Specified By Seller

Service Description

This service is popular with established sellers on Cumtru. Your positive reviews help buyers feel more comfortable buying, which enables you to receive a premium price for your used underwear. This service helps sellers earn more for providing consistent quality that buyers expect. - You are in control of the transaction - Fixed pricing means no more negotiating - Free pickup & delivery means no more trips to the post office - Same-day delivery means happy buyers and more positive reviews This option is not recommended for first-time sellers or sellers that have negative reviews. If you are a first-time seller, or if you want to establish positive reviews, then we recommend the "First-time Seller" service, where buyers are more willing to pay a lower price for the risk of working with non-established sellers. Getting Started: - Select a pick-up day and time and location that works for you. Complete the comments section to include any relevant information about your underwear. This help buyers make an informed decision. Consider including how long you plan on wearing the underwear and what you plan on doing while wearing them. 4. Then, place your freshly used underwear in a sealed package of your choice. Our courier will pickup your item at the location you specify and deliver it to the buyer within 2 hours. Payments: You are paid by Cumtru when the buyer confirms receipt and authenticity.

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