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First-Time Seller +Delivery

Local pickup and same day delivery

  • 5 minutes
  • $20 payout
  • Seller Determines Pickup Location

Service Description

This service is designed for Cumtru's new sellers who want to quickly establish themselves as being serious. By selling at a lower price and without video, you incentivize buyers to take a risk with you. If buyers have a great experience with your product, then you can easily begin selling more at a higher price. It's very important that your first product is high quality, which means you wear the underwear for enough time to smell amazing and/or use them in interesting (and pleasurable) ways! After one or two positive reviews, sellers often move on to sell more at a higher price. To get started, select a pick-up day, time and location that works for you. In order to help buyers make a decision, be sure to complete the comments section to include any relevant information. It's important to be honest here: - How long do you plan on wearing them? - What will you be doing while wearing them - Any other details you feel the buyer would find interesting. Your availability will be presented to buyers in your area. We will send you an email when a buyer accepts. Then, place your freshly used underwear in a sealed package of your choice. Our courier will pickup your item at the location you specify and deliver it to the buyer within 2 hours. You are paid by Cumtru when the buyer confirms receipt and authenticity.

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