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Best Smelling Underwear Contest

30% Chance Of Winning

  • 5 minutes
  • $500 in Prize Money
  • Seller Specifies Pick-up Location

Service Description

This contest is a win-win for sellers and buyers. Each contest is limited to 10 sellers, and there are three prizes, which means you have a 30% chance of winning prize money. How it works: To enter the contest, sellers provide one pair of underwear using Cumtru's pick-up service. Buyers schedule private time to review the underwear and provide a score for each pair based on smell. The scores are tallied to determine winners of Best Smelling Underwear. 1st place - $300 2nd place - $150 3rd place - $50 Benefits of participation: - The contest results are posted on the local buyers page, increasing demand and exposure. - Contest winners are eligible for the Underwear Hall of Fame, where elite buyers have exclusive access to make bids on your underwear. - Sellers can have access to buyer reviews, which can help improve product quality.

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