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One more step and you're ready to buy!


We require age verification in order to foster a trusted community of members. We do this to ensure minors are not being exploited and to prevent impostors from joining the community and flooding the site with false offers. This helps you stand out more as a serious buyer.


We do NOT require personal information such as name or address. We only require a valid  picture ID and birth date.


To verify your age, please do the following:

  • On a pice of paper, write "cumtru", your display name and todays date.

  • Take a picture of yourself holding the piece of paper  and your picture ID. We need to see your full face & make sure the ID is readable. You may hide your name and address if you prefer. Click HERE for an example image.

  • Upload the picture using the file upload button below


Please note: This image is only visible by the cumtru administrator and will never be made public. Verification may take up to 1-2 days to be completed.

Upload File
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