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What do Buyers Want?

Research and experience have taught us that there are three criteria that buyers overwhelmingly look for when buying used underwear.

1. Freshness

Buyers want product ASAP. They do not want to wait for snail mail.

2. Authenticity

Buyers want proof that products are used, for real. Video capture is important.

3. Fixed Pricing

Time is money. Buyers are familiar with the market and prefer not to negotiate.

Save Time, Make Money

Cumtru is the first company to offer local delivery services  that keep buyers coming back for more. These services are convenient and FREE to sellers. Here are the benefits:

  • Attract new customers

  • Move product quickly

  • Establish positive reviews 

  • Create higher quality products

  • Avoid trips to the post office

  • Seller controls the transaction

How it works

1. Select a product, time and place 

Our services price, which is the amount you will be paid. Once you select a service, you indicate a time and location for pickup. Your profile and product will be presented to buyers in your area. Cumtru will notify you when a buyer has accepted your product and delivery time.


2. Provide the product at the agreed time and place

Once a buyer has accepted, they are committed to paying for the service. Your focus is only on creating the highest quality product. Cumtru will deliver your product to the buyer within two hours.

3. Get paid. Same day

Payments are made at the time of pickup, or when Cumtru receives confirmation from buyer about the authenticity of the product.

It's that easy!

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